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Class Description


Productivity Driven Success

Based on the #1 Amazon bestselling book 'Productivity Driven Success', productivity improvement should never be your final goal. It should simply be a conduit to free up the time, money and resources needed to drive organizational success.

This workshop widens your perspective on productivity enhancement and outlines a strategy to assure your efforts are aligned with corporate goals, holistic in nature, systematic in implementation, and measurable. It goes on to describe the six 'Productivity Enables' that make improvement possible, 'Productivity Amplifiers' designed to maximize organizational efficiency, and the process that makes it happen.

Class Topics include:
  • Key Concepts
    • The Productivity Measurement Fallacy
    • Opportunity Cost
    • Productivity Driven Reinvestment
    • Productivity Linking and Mapping
    • Cultural Productivity Enablers
    • Getting your Productivity Projects Funded
  • Climbing the Productivity Pyramid
    1. Goal Alignment
    2. Holistic Mindset
    3. Supportive Culture
    4. Amplification
    5. Measurement
    6. Reinvestment
    7. Reiteration
  • Unleashing your Productivity Amplifiers
    • Constructive delegation
    • Ongoing process improvement
    • Communication efficiency
    • Knowledge storage and transfer
    • Time management
    • Asset reuse
    • Intelligent meeting management
    • Leveraging the zone
  • Seven Step Productivity Pyramid System
Key Take-A-Ways:
  • How do build a culture that facilitates productivity enhancement
  • How to align and measure productivity projects based on company goals
  • Seven key areas of potential productivity enhancement
  • A seven step process to manage your productivity initiatives

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