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Class Description

Constructive Conflict

Knowing how to recognize, understand and intervene effectively in conflict situations is a critical career-enhancing skill and a powerful business tool.

The class outlines the causes of conflict within the workplace in general, specific areas of contention within IT, strategies to deal with conflict, various techniques designed to defuse tense situations, and a formalized conflict resolution process.

Class Topics include:
  • Key Constructive Conflict Concepts
  • Drivers of Organizational Conflict
  • Using Feedback to Enhance Your Professional Brand
  • The Relationship / Result Framework
  • Moving from Unhealthy to Healthy Conflict
  • Conflict Resolution Process
  • Reducing Potential of Future Conflict
Key Take-A-Ways:
  • Understanding of conflict sources and dynamics in IT
  • Reasons for internal employee conflict
  • Working knowledge of key conflict resolution strategies
  • A life skill that has both personal and professional value

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