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At its best, IT management training is a journey, not an event.
Manager Mechanics programs and training classes are designed to facilitate this journey by helping IT professionals grow into leaders by helping them learn how to managing people, successfully accomplish management processes, and understand the business of IT.

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List of our customizable classes.
IT Leadership and Management Programtm
IT-LAMPtm (IT Leadership and Management Program) is designed to help IT organizations enhance the business savvy, interpersonal communication and leadership skills of current and future IT leaders.
The process of enhancing business, communication and leadership skills is not simply a one-time event; it's a long term journey. This year-long program, with ongoing instruction, peer-level support, coaching and a wealth of online resources, provides the type of multi-faceted environment needed to truly cultivate and grow future IT leaders.
IT Executive Coaching/Mentoring
While IT leadership and IT business/soft skills training are of great value to IT executives, there are times when logic dictates that one-on-one coaching and mentoring can greatly enhance an IT executive's job performance, long-term professional growth, and value to the organization.

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